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What We Do Best

  • We Promise Honest Prices with Great Repair Service
  • Same Day Garage Repair in palm City Fl
  • We Show Up When We Say – Your Time is Important to Us
  • Garage Door Opener Repair Sales Installations
  • You’ll Love Our Deals on  New Garage Door Replacement
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair Service
  • Licensed & Insured CRC1329903


repair for garage door palm city florida

Save $100 Garage Door Replacement – Lifetime Warranty

Large selection of quality garage doors at very competitive prices.  Save $40 off one new door and $100 off 2 doors. Brand name doors sold & Installed. We offer a lifetime warranty on all garage door replacement that we sell and install.





Garage Door Services Offered:

  • Full Service Garage Door Repair
  • Same Day garage door repair in Palm City Fl
  • Call for Free Estimate on Garage door Replacements -Big Selection & Terrific Prices
  • Garage Opener Sales Repair & Sevice
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all garage doors sold and installed
  • Broken Springs replaced
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • New overhead door replacement

Same Day Garage Door Repair 

we repair all garage doorsNo one wants to get a call from the family saying they can’t get the car out of the garage because it broken. It is then that you need to choose a reliable garage door repair company the will show up quickly and repair your garage door. Professional garage door people who are honest tend to stay in business a long time. Whether you have a broken spring or need a new garage opener, get the best professional available.

Same Day Garage Door Repair – Competitive Prices – Best Quality

Having extensive knowledge and experience will ensure a positive result for your garage door repair service call. Nobody can wait a few days or a week for your garage door to be working. We offer same day garage door service and have are able to service and repair all garage door brands. We have multiple trucks on the road to assure fast service and our pricing is very competitive.

Many times the difference between the quality garage door repair companies is that they do not take short cuts in order to save money. First the professional shows up when the appointment is made. He uses the best in quality parts and recommends quality garage door opener replacements that will last longer. Garage doors get a lot of usage and in Florida the salt can cause them to corrode. Quality parts and service helps managing your garage easier.

Call For Same Day Garage Door Repair in Palm City

Because you are on this website, we want to assure you that we pay close attention to detail and professionalism. We show up on time and do what we say we will do. We offer honest pricing along with the highest standard of garage door repair. Whether you are looking for a garage door, garage door replacement, broken springs or just need fast garage door repair work that you can count on. Call for fast service today.


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Garage Door Replacement Genie Garage Door Opener!


 Best Deals on Garage Door Replacement

garage door replacement team  If someone in your home accidentally damages your garage door, we will be quick to respond. We understand that you don’t want all the neighbors to look at the eyesore that just happened. We sell and install several options for your home that will fit your budget. We sell at very competitive prices and offer quality garage door replacement for less along with a lifetime warranty that you can count on.

If you’re looking for a new overhead door that can be installed quickly and offer great pricing and quality for the garage door replacement, we can deliver. We offer 2 options in garage doors. The first is more budget friendly but both options offer extremely durable high quality garage doors with a lifetime warranty and steel construction. Both offer beautiful looking garage door replacement your will be proud of.

We Install All New Garage Doors With Our Own Installation Team

new garage door replacement for Cocoa FloridaOur overhead door replacements include No-Flex operation which allows the overhead door to have limited vibration and glide firmly in place. We offer garage door replacement colors such as white, sandstone, brown and almond which will increase your home appearance. All our garage doors are top of the line and we install all the garage door replacement with our own crew.

The higher level doors has the same features as the lower level doors with the difference being the insulation inside the panels. The insulation allows for better protection from the weather and will have greater savings for your energy bills. If your garage faces the west you will notice it more in Florida because of the afternoon heat will save on energy bills for your home.

Most homeowners love that we have options and great prices along with the fact that we install all the overhead doors ourselves. We have many doors in stock so we can install it when you need it. We service all the garage door replacement that we sell and honor the lifetime warranty. Whichever door replacement you choose, we will stand behind our doors and labor costs. Call for a free estate today.

Garage Door Replacement & Genie Openers 

wood CFI garage door replacement Palm City FlWe all understand that accidents happen.  When one of your family members accidentally damages your garage door, we understand you want it repaired as quickly as possible. We sell and install all our own garage door replacements.  We carry a line of quality garage door replacements that will not only fit your budget but your home decor.  Buying and installing a new garage door will increase your home value.  We sell garage door replacements at very competitive prices.  Call and we can you some garage door replacement options including different styles, colors, wood, steel, metal, single doors, double doors and many different styles to fit your decor.  Since we have our own team that installs all our own garage door replacements, we can move quickly



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Garage Door Repair Palm City Fl Genie Openers Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Opener Repair – Sales -Installation

Many times we move into a used home and have no idea how old the garage door opener is. If we have a garage, you can count on need a garage door repair service in the future. We should be aware that the closer we live to the ocean, the more often we need to replace the garage openers because of the salt in the air causing corrosion to doors and parts. Keeping your garage door lubricated can add longevity to the garage opener.

Because garage openers need replacement so often, all of our service trucks stock heavy duty garage door openers including Genie openers for immediate installation. When we need to service your garage door opener we will inspect all the rollers along with tightening all the bolts, check the cables and lubricate the rollers and hinges. We will recommend ways to eliminate emergency calls because the garage needs repair.

Sometimes we can Repair Garage Openers – Otherwise We Stock Replacement Openers

You can count on our company representatives to inspect all moving parts on the garage door. We always have Genie openers for your garage along with installation of heavy duty openers available with full warranty on our work. We check the garage door moving parts and lubricate and replace lost bolts and screws. It is import that your garage door is balanced and check for any damage to the door or hinges.

When should you replace the garage opener? If is breaking down, it may be less expensive to install a new garage door opener by Genie door opener or a heavy duty opener that will take less energy along with be more reliable. Be sure to make sure that the rollers and doors are not blocked and something is jammed against the garage door. This can cause the garage door to not open and burn out faster.

Many times our customers call us because the garage opener is making noise. Sometimes we find that a car bumper has caused damage to the rollers or rails and the garage door is not functioning properly and need repair and door balance. Sometimes there are bolts that fell off or in need of proper lubrication. Call and we will respond quickly and give you an honest evaluation for your garage door repair needs.

Garage Door Repair & Broken Springs


broken springs replacement Palm City FLOne of the main platforms that garage doors run on is the springs.  We specialize in garage door repair and we find that broken springs happen will happen if your own a garage door. Because of the weight of the garage door – broken springs happen to the doors.  There are some homeowners who try to fix anything that is broken.  Broken springs is not one that should be tried.  We carry multiple different spring on our service trucks and our staff has the training and equipment to replace all garage door broken springs safely.  You do not want to pinch your fingers trying to replace the garage door springs because this is common do it yourself repair victims.  Part of all our garaged door repair routines is to check and tighten all the screws and bolts to the garage door and make sure the springs are tight and in working order.  When it is time to replace the springs, call a professional.







Services Offered:

  • Garage Door Repair for All Brands
  • Same Day Service in Palm City Fl
  • Discount Garage door Replacements -Big Selection
  • Garage door installations by Our Crew
  • Broken Springs Service
  • Genie Garage Door Opener
  • 24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • Commercial overhead door broken springs & opener replaced
  • New overhead door replacement
  • Overhead door service contracts available
  • Licensed & Insured & guaranteed


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Genie Garage Door Opener Garage Door Replacement Commercial Overhead Door Repair Broken Springs Garage Door Repair

24/7 Commercial Overhead Door Repair

24/7 overhead door repair serviceNot all garage door repair companies can do commercial overhead door repairs for the business community. Most of the local garage door repair companies limit themselves to basic garage door repair, roller lubrication, coils and garage openers. For the local residence this is fine but the business community needs a company that can deal with heavy duty commercial overhead door repair service.

Time is money to the business and they need emergency 24/7 service when needed. Commercial overhead door repair is necessary when they have an overhead door for shipping and receiving. Service is the key and affordable prices are expected. The business need to run smoothly and having a local commercial overhead door company that can do repairs and replace overhead door openers is a must.

Highly Skilled In Overhead Door Repair Service

Some of the common commercial overhead door repair needs is overhead door replacement. As a vendor, you will be expected to be prepared in case the business calls says the overhead door has been damaged and need immediate replacement. You will need suppliers set up, know what they need and have the skills and equipment to get the overhead door installed immediately.

If you are proactive in the way you run your commercial overhead door business, chances are you are growing and will have happy customers. In most businesses, management at the warehouse lever turns over quite often. They may not be prepared for an accident or damage to their overhead door and that now needs replacement. If you are planning ahead, you should know where to get a new door and be able to install it the same day if needed.

Replacing a overhead door requires equipment and skill sets along with connection on how to get the parts and repair quickly. Welcome to Quality Garage Door Service, servicing the central and lower Florida marketplace. The reliable overhead door repair company that can and does deliver both quality and service when needed.

Garage Door repairs in Palm City Florida


new garage door replacement for Cocoa FloridaQuality Garage Door Service is known for their prompt same day service.  We are a family owned and operated garage door repair and commercial overhead repair service.  We have grown over the years to service over 40 Cities in central and southern Florida by providing quality garage door repair serve all the time.  We are licensed and Insured and all our service representatives are fully trained in all aspects of the commercial overhead door service and home garage door repair business.  Expect friendly professional service at very competitive prices.




Quality Garage Door Services Offers

  • Garage door replacements & Installation Service
  • Free Competitive Quotes
  • Same Day Service For Garage Door Repair in Palm City Fl
  • Affordable Garage Door Replacement including Installation
  • Genie Garage Door Openers
  • Broken Springs Replaced
  • Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • Get Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • You Are Protected Because We Are Professionally Licensed and Insured


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